Where we are …….Programme


Where we are… is a UK-wide national programme for young people aged 16–24 that co-designs and co-delivers meaningful local projects in arts and culture.

The programme aims to engage young people who are under-served in the museum sector and creat a sense of agency in young people that can be reflected into their communities.

In partnership with Attenborough Arts Centre, 12 young people from Leicester who identify as LGBTQ+ explored activism and social justice through making art. Their creative responses spanned poetry, drawing, music, ceramics, photography, filmmaking and performance. These were presented in a multidisciplinary display titled See Me As Me at the Attenborough Arts Centre on 4 December 2021.  This exhibition was called ‘See Me As Me’, see highlights here on the British Museum website.


Funder: Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Contact: Hema Badger-Mistry, hema@pedestrian.info

Photograph of original artwork for Secret Dishes from around the world 3.  A black & white illustration of Alice Hawkins - Sufferagette.  The illustration is in a frameless frame on a wooden easle in the window of LCB Depot.  In the background you can see ingredients for a recipe.
Photo of samples Krautsalat

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