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Our experienced team of staff and professional tutors can create bespoke packages delivering a range of specialist workshops

Bespoke packages

Every project is unique and is shaped by its participants and the community around it. Our experienced team of staff and professional tutors can create bespoke packages delivering a range of specialist workshops in a variety of creative disciplines.

We deliver these directly in schools, local communities, partner locations and personal settings such as care homes. Pedestrian’s reputation has been built by its outreach workshops, but also offer our workshop spaces in the heart of Leicester city centre which is available for hire

Delivery can be face to face, online and remote.

“I just wanted to a big thank you again for what was a great week of Concept last week. It’s great to see the programme growing each time, both in numbers and quality of work being produced. The young people are growing in skill and confidence and their feedback every time is very positive.”

Michael Higham, TACT Fostering

Specialist workshops

Workshops are individually tailored to accommodate different needs and expectations. A selection of the artforms available include:
  • Music making (including turntablism, DJing, MCing, beat making, sampling)
  • Music performance (including song writing, guitar, drums, bass, recording, ensemble skills)
  • Interactive media (animation/ stop-motion, live briefs, photography, 3D photography, media)
  • Visual arts (graffiti, illustration, printmaking (lino print and mono print), sculpture, creative thinking and visual exploration)
  • Photography (portraiture, landscape, montages, DSLR, editing, Photoshop)
  • Performing arts (dance and drama)
  • Crafts (jewellery making, glass painting, mosaics, weaving, card making)

All workshops allow participants to learn about different artforms, develop skills and enhance knowledge, explore creativity supported by professionals, create art work in a safe and supported space and improve their mental health and well-being. We use industry standard equipment in all of our workshops.

For more ideas about what we can offer, have a look at our Artform Guide

Themes and Issues

We can also deliver activity tailored to address social issues, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Knife crime
  • Youth violence
  • Sexual exploitation and grooming
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Teenage pregnancy and young parents
  • Mental health awareness
  • Bullying inc cyber-bullying

All workshops build confidence, self-esteem, determination, communication skills, personal development and resilience.

“I have really enjoyed working alongside the team at Pedestrian, their artists and staff team are so easy to work alongside and they create brilliant artistic opportunities for young people.”  

Simon Pickering, Evaluator – Dot to Dot Consultancy.

If you have a particular idea in mind and want us to help you bring it to life with the support of our talented and experienced team, please get in touch.  

We can help you with all elements such as project management, fundraising and evaluation of a project.

Likewise, we are always also open to suggestions and if you want to work with us, just drop us a line and let’s get creative!