Alternative Education Provision

Creative Art & Photography

Explore everything from graphic design, graffiti, illustration, animation, photography and more. Develop your passion for art in the way you want to.

Our Creative Art & Photography course allows learners to develop their skills in their chosen art form whilst continually exposing them to new art forms.

The course is ideal for those who have an interest in art or photography and want to develop their skills either as a passion or with a view to going into further education. Whilst at Pedestrian learners will explore ideas and techniques that develop their knowledge and understanding of the design process. A key focus of the course is to develop learners visual language, reflective, analytical and technical skills.

Qualifications: Range of options including a GCSE alternative Key stage 4 Performance qualification and qualifications at Level 1 & 2. Courses are quality assured by Leicester Partnership School (LPS) & Leicester Education Business Company (LEBC).

For more information contact: Daniel Aldred