Alternative Education Provision

Business Box

Learn what it takes to create and run a successful business. Here you’ll get a chance to run your own micro business.  

The course is ideal for those who want to setup their own business, explore becoming self employed or those who want to study Business at a further education level. 

The course explores what it takes to setup and run an effective business, developing the required skills, how to finance and market business ideas and to understand business growth and development. Learners will take a hands on approach to running a micro business to put their skills into action. Pedestrian’s tutors are also local business owners giving you a chance to learn first hand from their experiences.

Qualifications: Range of options including a GCSE alternative Key stage 4 Performance qualification and qualifications at Level 1 & 2. Courses are quality assured by Leicester Partnership School (LPS) & Leicester Education Business Company (LEBC).

For more information contact: Daniel Aldred