Alternative Education Provision

Our Alternative Education Provision (AEP) is a core part of our delivery. Pedestrian provides an alternative learning programme for those struggling or have struggled in mainstream education to achieve their goals. We utilise mentoring principles to develop the whole person, alongside a framework of recognised accreditation which is appropriate to the level, needs and interest of the learners.

Courses are accredited learning opportunities for students in Key Stage 4 (usually 14-16 years old) who are excluded or at risk of exclusion from mainstream schools. We work in close partnership with schools to support young people during the week providing an informal and supportive learning environment from our city centre base. Young people attend on set days from 9.30am-2.30pm depending on their course. We work with learners from schools across the city and county often described as being disaffected as they can demonstrate challenging behaviour, low attendance, low motivation and can have poor achievement records to date.

We believe everyone should be supported to achieve their potential and overcome their challenges. We develop their confidence, vocational specialisms and skills, accredited progression, reliance and potential. 

Our qualifications are offered through the awarding body NCFE. NCFE is a leading provider of educational services and have a strong heritage in learning and been at the forefront of technical and vocational education for over 170 years.  Each of our 3 courses have a range of qualifications to choose from including the option of GCSE equivalents from the Key Stage 4 performance tables through to Level 1 & 2 vocational certificates. 

Pedestrian are an Alternative Education Provider and not a registered school. We do not provide full time (substantial) education for any students and do not meet the criteria for requiring us to become a registered school. Pedestrian receive annual quality assurance from Leicester Education Business Company (LEBC) ensuring robust checks on legislation surrounding health and safety and illegal schools checks.

If you wish to book a young person onto one of our AEP courses, have any questions or want further information, please email:

You can also view more information about our accreditation here. 

2022 AEP Electronic Brochure


I very much enjoyed visiting ‘Pedestrian’ last week.  It is very important to us as a school that the Alternative Placements sought for some students offer appropriate and challenging education, and I must say how impressed I was with the work currently being undertaken by our student in your setting.

Please pass on my thanks to your colleagues for all the work you are doing to support our young people, to help them to succeed and to ensure that they are as ‘work-ready’ and ‘life-ready’ as possible.

Marius Carney

Head Teacher, English Martyrs School - STACMAT

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Infographic for April AEP learner of the month - Business Box.-
APRIL 2021
Infograph of March Learner Spotlight. Photos of the final CAP artwork. With graffiti, stenciling, painting, drawing examples. TEXT: ur CAP Learner has been working on her final piece. She has continued to attend throughout lockdown and has worked incredibly well, showing amazing resilience. She has experimented with lots of different techniques, which have enhanced her final piece, that came to her in a dream!. Qoute:This piece of work was based on a dream that I had about a girl dreaming about being a ballerina. It illustrates an isolated girl on an island seeing dancers in the sky as she thinks about how she could become a ballerina herself.