Youth Pioneers (Pedestrian Youth Advisory Group 2023-2024)



Motto: Pioneering the future of young minds


Pedestrians Youth Advisory Group believes in the quote “The right environment can make a person shine” we feel a change of environment can massively impact someone physically and mentally.

The Youth Advisory Group is responsible for making decisions that will benefit other young people from all different kinds of backgrounds, all our Youth Advisory Group Members are below the age of 25 and the group was formed to help with the decision making process that will ultimately benefit the young people partaking in projects, provision and outreaches provided by Pedestrian since in a nutshell young people know what other young people are interested in.

The aims of The Youth Advisory Group is to help with the planning of future projects, making sure that Pedestrian can provide a safe and welcoming space while also fulfilling their statutory duties.

What we believe in

Pedestrians Youth Advisory Group believes in 5 key things and they are:

Resilience: The ability to withstand and recover quickly from difficult situations

Success: Achieving higher and accomplishing more.

Participation: Taking part and contributing towards a cause.

Teamwork: Working together and making sure to include everyone.

Coordination: The ability to take on a vital role and lead a session confidently.

Collaboration is key, especially when we aim to improve education, we promise to work closely with schools, colleges and youth groups to ensure children are involving themselves in their education. It is vital that young people have a say in what they will be learning


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