Secret Dishes from Around the World!

We are really excited to announce that Pedestrian is 1 of 20 UK art charities that are going to be part of the ‘Secret Dishes from Around the World 3’ along with BounceBack Food CIC. A community cookery school tackling food poverty predominately in the north west of England.

This was such a great project we just had to get involved.  It started with an ‘All or nothing’ crowdfunding campaign.  This target was successfully met, allowing the next stage of the project to proceed, which was for each charity to commission an artist. (To be revealed next week)

Our artist will collaborate with our CAP learners to come up with a concept for the artwork.  This has to reflect the assigned country that will feature in the book.  We can reveal that Germany is our chosen country as Leicester is twinned with Krefold, Germany.  One of the main reasons being we share a rich history of textiles industry.

We will be unveiling more information over the coming weeks, so watch this space!  However, you can get involved and support this great project by pre-ordering the book or supporting the great work that BounceBack Food are doing click here: