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Positive Platforms


Delivery dates: January 2018 - October 2018

Commissioner: Big Lottery - Awards For All

Target cohort: Young people experiencing disadvantage

Partners: Leicestershire Police Cadets

Key objective: Young people producing community events in Coalville.

Summary: Positive Platforms works with an events team of young people aged 14 to 19 years old, who are in challenging circumstances in the Coalville area of the East Midlands. The project provides opportunities for young people to plan, develop and deliver two community events in green spaces and public parks in Coalville. These events will engage the wider community in interesting and informative public events with a creative and engaging format.


Please email for further information about this project.

Produce and Progress


Delivery dates: September 2016 – April 2019

Commissioner: BBC Children In Need

Target cohort: 10-18 year old disadvantaged children and young people

Partners: Marriott Primary School, Children In Care Council and Leicester LGBT Centre

Key objective: To aid individuals' own progression whilst helping others and making positive contributions to their community.

Summary: Produce and Progress is an East Midlands based programme aiming to co-produce creative activity with young people to address problems specific to their geographic area.  The project spans 3 years, with 3 communities targeted each year.  The project aims to improve the communication, self-confidence and team-working skills of the participants.  Each workshop series lasts 12 weeks for approximately 2 hours per week.


Please email for further information about this project.


Sowing The Seeds


Delivery dates: May 2018 – December 2018

Commissioner: Arts Council England

Target cohort: Young people experiencing disadvantage and Emerging Participatory Arts Practitioners

Partners: Inspire: Culture, Learning and Libraries

Key objective: Develop Participatory Arts Practitioners in Leicester and Nottinghamshire

Summary: Sowing the Seeds is a programme of high-quality artist development and participatory arts activity in Leicester and North Nottinghamshire, designed to develop Emerging Participatory Arts Practitioners and engage young people with low cultural capital.  The programme is delivered in two areas identified as social mobility coldspots, and is designed to support and work alongside existing high quality arts venues and organisations.


Please email for further information about this project.