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Specialist Workshops

Our Industry standard Professional tutors deliver a range of specialist workshops in a variety of creative disciplines. We deliver these directly to schools, colleges and organisations. Pedestrian’s reputation has been built by its outreach workshops, but we do have a 2 floor workshop on the edge of the Cultural Quarter in Leicester City which is available for bookings too.


Workshops are individually tailored to differentiate for cohort expectations and needs.  A selection of the artforms available are listed below:

- Digital Music (including: turntablism, DJing, MCing, beat making, sampling)

- Music (Including: song writing, guitar, drums, bass, recording, ensemble skills,

- Interactive Media (animation (including stop-motion), live briefs, photography, 3D photography, media)

- Arts (graffiti, illustration, printmaking (lino print and mono print), sculpture, crafts, creative thinking, card making and visual exploration)

- Photography (portraiture, landscape, montages, SLR, editing, Photoshop)

- Theatre (dance and drama)

- Jewellery (precious metals and ethical/up cycle)

- Movement (street sports/parkour, breakdance)


These workshops are largely to heighten exposure to the artforms, enhance knowledge and build skills in young people and adults. We use industry standard kit and this is inclusive of all of our workshops.


Enrichment Workshops

Our enrichment workshops are usually commissioned on a bespoke basis to the needs of our clients that have a specific theme. Sometimes this is simply just the specialist art form, but in recent times themes that have proved to be popular are:

- Confidence / self esteem

- Resilience

- Team Building

These can be designed to challenge, evoke and reward, and can stretch participants' skills, imaginations and creativity. We deliver well-planned workshops often with our clients, to ensure we provide a fit for purpose and inclusive learning experience.


Creative Industries

We work alongside numerous partner organisations in the local creative industry to provide progression routes for those accessing our workshops and delivery programmes.

The creative industry professionals delivering our programmes allow young people access to personal experiences of working in the local creative industry, as well as opportunities for young people to obtain knowledge on the varieties of work and future career prospects.



We believe that our ‘employability’ delivery has a real creative undercurrent and it is unique to existing ‘Information Advice and Guidance’ generic models that currently exist. We regularly consult young people to ensure the programmes we deliver for them are not only what they and the market ‘needs’, but that our packages are what young people want to engage with and are motivated to be involved with in order for us to pioneer their full potential.  Our workshops are planned and delivered to enhance young people’s knowledge and experience, take into account relevant and existing progression routes and have meaningful self-development attributes.  This ensures that they are on the path to becoming work-ready for employers, and for themselves if they wish to become self-employed.