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SDSA Interactive Media

Our Interactive Media course takes an in-depth look at web programming, digital image editing software and photography. The teaching builds on essential IT skills, all from a creative perspective. This accredited course is a popular choice with learners who seek additional enrichment activities from specialist tutors along with a regular timetable in mainstream education. This course is specifically designed for year 11 students.


Delivery dates: August 2019 - July 2020

Commissioner: School Development Support Agency (SDSA) and VESA 13-19 Education Support Agency

Target cohort: Key Stage 4 young people (14-16 year olds)

Partners: SDSAVESA, Leicester city and county schools

Key objective: Accredited learning for KS4


This Level 1 Interactive Media course offers sessions in photography, Adobe Photoshop, graphic design, typography, animation, film, sound, audio works, light graffiti and painting.  This gives learners the opportunity to heighten their technical ability and knowledge in creative media.  The course is centred around practical activities and for the most part learners will be working to design briefs in order to showcase their skills and ideas.  The Bronze Arts Award is delivered in addition to the core qualification.

Please email for more information about this course.