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We aren't just any old organisation. It's everyone that's involved on all levels that makes us what we are. Individuals with all types of skills and specialities have helped and continue to make Pedestrian the best. There's a whole host of people listed below which just scratches the surface of those that have been involved since our establishment in 1998.



Studio Team

The Pedestrian Studio Team - Emma Cowley (ADministration and Finance Officer), Kylie North (Project Coordinator), Bob Christer (Director), Danny Aldred (Education Manager), Jess Richards (Project Assistant), Kate Rounding (Project Manager)


Pedestrian Delivery Staff - Alex Fleming (Art and Media Tutor), Akshay Sharma (Art and Music Tutor), Naji Richards (Music Tutor), Kristen Rollinson (Art and Craft Tutor), Dean Leivers (Art and Music Tutor), Pete Urmston (Art and Music Tutor) 

Pedestrian Board of Trustees - Jim Willis (Trustee), Mat Mabe (Trustee), Mick Willis (Trustee), Jenny Cross (Co-opted Board Member), Jodie Lees (Co-opted Board Member)