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Pedestrian Delivers Drop In Sessions for Blend Youth Project

Continuing our great relationship with Blend Youth Project, our turntablism tutors delivered a brilliant series of casual drop in sessions. The turnout was impressive and we look forward to working with Blend Youth Project in the future.

New Parks Stop Bullies Graffiti Mural

Young people at New Parks, Kirby Frith have been designing a group mural with our graffiti tutors, and below are the results. The Anti Bullying theme was one the young people felt particularly strongly about, and their mural is a great example of how art can channel important feelings and issues.

stop bullies mural

Dance as Language with Lodge Park Technology College

The students at Lodge Park Technology College have been exploring breakdance as a language and exploring the different areas of hiphop associated with it. Over 5 sessions the students developed a deeper understanding of hiphop culture and why dance was and still is so important.

BT OpenReach Turn Their Hand to Urban Arts!

The employees of BT OpenReach had a fantastic away day as they took part in taster sessions of graffiti, turntablism, MCing and music production.

Fantastic tracks were written taking inspiration from current newspapers, and graffiti was instantly approved of and the artwork produced was of a really high standard, even though many people remarked they had never used a spraycan before.

Everyone, including our tutors, really enjoyed this event and we look forward to taking part in future corporate events.
BT OpenReach Graffiti
BT openreach away day
turntablism with bt openreach

Riverside Performance Event

Taking a holistic approach to urban art forms, the students at Riverside Business and Enterprise College have been working hard on a fantastic performance event that took place in front of friends and parents earlier this week.

The students who were interested in physical art forms took part in breakdance and street dance, those who felt strongly about spoken word performed songs and raps and the artistic types designed the graffiti backdrop that hung behind the stage. There was even a dedicated media team who filmed and edited both the backstage video and the final showcase film.

The students managed everything, from the graffiti art backdrop to the running order and backstage management. It’s safe to say it all went smoothly thanks to the professionalism, enthusiasm and great organisational skills demonstrated by the students.