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Concept - October 2017 Residency

Concept is an inclusive music project funded by Youth Music and lead by Pedestrian. During the October half term we hosted a five-day intensive ‘Pop up Studio’ residency at The Core in Corby.  The focus of the residency was to compose original music based on a theme agreed by the young people. The young people also completed Arts Award at Bronze level through the week.

The young people chose the theme 'Nature vs. Manmade' to base their music making and song writing around. They used a range of techniques to express these ideas through music, production and lyric writing. The theme evolved to provide the album name ‘Skies and Skyscrapers’.

Through the week the young people worked with a team of artists and used a range of instruments, music technology and composition techniques  to develop their musical skills.  The final album features 12 original pieces of music. The young people also created two music videos and three pieces which they performed live.  We had a packed house for the performance, and were delighted that the Mayor of Corby attended and stayed to meet the young people after the sharing session. 

In summary we had a fantastic week at The Core - thank you to the artist team, the staff at The Core, and especially to the hard working and creative young musicians and producers!




The City Classroom: The Art of Maths

We were delighted to take part in the first City Classroom summit ‘The Art of Maths’ hosted at The New Walk Museum on October 10th 2017.  The City Classroom Partnership works strategically to strengthen cultural education activities with the vision that every child and young person will thrive through a rich and adventurous cultural education.

Representing Pedestrian, Akshay Sharma and James Sykes worked with three groups of children to explore fun and creative ways of learning mathematical topics through music. The children were encouraged to roll a dice, triggering different aspects of the music. Through a progressive approach the children were able to notice how different options resulted in either a greater or lesser probability of particular musical aspects occurring - and it sounded great too! Many thanks to the City Classroom team for hosting a superb, inspiring and creative day for all involved; we look forward to being part of this exciting organisation over the coming year.

Our partner organisations at Soft Touch Arts and The Mighty Creatives had this to say:


Thanks for your kind words guys, see you at the next summit!


Changing Tracks - Mural at Braunstone Community Primary School

As part of our Changing Tracks project artist Kirsty Whitrow worked with the children at Braunstone Community Primary School to explore aspects of the local community and create a new large scale artwork for the school.

The new mural replaced artwork that was damaged during a break-in at the start of the year. The children have beautifully represented many of the places, people and buildings within the area and thought in detail about who and what makes up their community.

It was lovely to see all the faces and places they have represented in this colourful and vibrant new piece. We would like to extend our thanks to the staff and children at Braunstone Primary School for participating and to Kirsty for supporting them.  We would also like to give a special thank-you to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire for funding the Changing Tracks programme.


Bridging The Gap

Pedestrian have been hard at work the last couple of weeks delivering our Bridging The Gap programme, a project supporting a young transgender group from Leicester LGBT Centre.  Bridging the Gap is a two-week programme that started on Monday 7th August.  The first week focused on music and media, and was lead by Pedestrian tutors Jenny Hibberd (musician and spoken-word performer), Akshay Sharma (rapper, beat-boxer, poet, artist and graphic designer), Boston Williams (poet, musician and spoken-word performer) and Dean Leivers (photographer and music tutor).  They were joined at the end of the week by Jade Pearce, a singer, actor and performance artist who was on hand to provide an introduction to singing lessons.

This week delivery has focused on creative writing and theatre, with sessions at The Curve lead by actor and musician Katie Burchett, poet Jess Green, and Paul Rogers, who is Artistic Director of Scufflebox Theatre Company.  On Wednesday afternoon the young people will join the Made at Curve productions team to visit a reahearsal of the musical Sunset Boulevard, and on Friday afternoon they will end the project with a showcase of their work performed to invited guests including family and friends.

Pedestrian would like to thank all the participants, artists and tutors, as well as staff at The Curve, for helping to make Bridging The Gap a big success, and we look forward to doing more work with Leicester LGBT Centre in the future.


Concept Sessions At Leicester LGBT Centre

We have been delighted to work with young people at the Leicester LGBT centre as part of Concept, our music and performance project funded by Youth Music.

Tutor Akshay and young person making music together


Weekly workshops were held the Centre in July, where 12 young people who attend The Young Transgender Centre of Excellence experienced a range of music and performance styles.

Professional musicians and performers Akshay Sharma and Jenny Hibberd worked with the young people to engage them in beatboxing, performance poetry, and music creation using loop stations and digital music equipment.  They were able to explore diverse music styles, including hip hop and jazz, to create their own lyrics, music and poetry.

Tutors Akshay and Jenny laughing with young people

Young musicians from the group went on to take part in a studio residency at Pedestrian where they worked with a team of artists and industry professionals to create their own music and lyrics, and to record and produce two fantastic original tracks. Soon to be released under the artist names of  ‘Neut’ and ‘Felix’ the tracks will be available on our Soundcloud page.


We can't wait to share the achievements and celebrate the music created by the young people, and look forward to working with the Leicester LGBT Centre again as part of our Bridging the Gap project, a creative writing and performing arts project funded by Arts Council England.