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Hi! I’m Erin and over the past week I have completed my work experience placement here at Pedestrian. In most schools around the UK a work experience placement is a compulsory project for mainly year 10 students; age 14/15 and to introduce them to the world of work.


Why Pedestrian?

I first discovered Pedestrian during an online trawl for possible companies I could work with. Despite the fact that I was primarily looking for a company that was based on either music or photography, I came across Pedestrian quite early on, through my Google search results. As soon as I read Pedestrian’s summary, I knew that it was definitely something I wanted to get involved with. As a creative, I was inspired by what Pedestrian does and saw it as an opportunity to learn about how a charitable organisation works.


I emailed with Kylie, my supervisor, for a while before I came down to the studio space in Leicester for an interview so that a member of the team at Pedestrian could check to see if I was the right fit for them. A couple of weeks later, I was given the role of a ‘Young Creative Apprentice’ for the week I have spent here.


What have I done?

My first day: I arrived on Monday morning not really sure of what to expect but I met with Kylie for my induction, when she showed me around and we went through health & safety. I then found out all about the Saturday Sessions that are running throughout the summer so that I could look into some new marketing platforms to advertise them on. I managed to discover some very useful kids events websites for parents that I have since posted new content on. By the end of Monday, I felt good about the week to come, especially because everyone in the office is great!

In the following few days, I was pretty much aware of what I would be doing throughout the week and looking forward to getting on with it. A large majority of my time has been comprised of making adverts for the Saturday Sessions and Summer School, which I published on both ‘Hoop’ and ‘Clubhub’ which are family events websites. I’ve also been busy making a new flyer for these sessions, which includes all of the dates involved. I also started off my social media takeover, which has been mainly based on our Instagram page and spread to twitter and Facebook. First, I made an intro post where I went down to the studio space with Kylie and had some pictures taken of me making music! I have since been posting daily about what I’ve been up to and what Pedestrian has planned for the future.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Pedestrian and will remember it for years to come. I think it’s provided me with lots of experience and put me in scenarios that can only come from diving in at the deep end and putting yourself out there into the world of work. Everyone here has been very welcoming and helped me out if I’ve needed it. I have particularly enjoyed the ‘Social Media Takeover’ I have been hosting and I would 100% recommend Pedestrian for a work experience placement if anyone is looking. I have also arranged to help out for a couple of days a week during the Summer School weeks too.


Be sure to check out my ‘Social Media Takeover’ up on our Instagram as well as the Summer School, Saturday Session and Concept music project pages on our website if you’re interested.


Thanks, Erin! :)

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