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Summer School Funded by Children In Need

Summer 2019 sees the return of our Children in Need funded Summer School sessions!  All sessions are free to attend, with refreshments and/or a small lunch included.  If you would prefer to send your child with a lunch you are welcome to do so.  Please do ensure that any allergy information is completed on our sign up form (link below) or discussed with a member of staff at least a week beforehand.

Places are limited to 12 young people per session, if you are unable to attend all sessions please ensure you include those dates when you complete the sign up.


Delivery dates are as follows:


Music Week

Monday 22nd July :: 10am – 2pm

Tuesday 23rd July :: 10am – 2pm

Wednesday 24th July :: 10am – 2pm

Thursday 25th July :: 10am – 2pm

Friday 26th July :: 10am – 2pm


Photography Week

Monday 5th August :: 10am – 2pm

Tuesday 6th August :: 10am – 2pm

Wednesday 7th August :: 10am – 2pm

Thursday 8th August :: 10am – 2pm

Friday 9th August :: 10am – 2pm


Visual Arts Week

Monday 19th August :: 10am – 2pm

Tuesday 20th August :: 10am – 2pm

Wednesday 21st August :: 10am – 2pm

Thursday 22nd August :: 10am – 2pm

Friday 23rd August :: 10am – 2pm


To sign up to these sessions, please follow this link to complete the online sign up form.  Please be advised that you will receive confirmation of completion of the sign up form and then confirmation from a member of our staff via email stating whether a place is booked.



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