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Practitioners On Our Concept Programme Undertake Training To Help Support Looked After Children

Creative practitioners who are helping us to deliver our Concept music programme had a fantastic time on Monday 2nd July 2018, when they worked with Juliet Whitfield and Steve Bond of Bullfrog Arts to understand life as a Looked After Child and learn ways of supporting young people in challenging circumstances through music-making.

 Juliet is an experienced creator of inspirational music projects and co-founder of Bullfrog Arts, a specialist music education organisation working with Looked After Children.  Steve is a qualified social worker, with 30 years' experience as practitioner, manager and senior in services for Looked After Children.  Steve is a freelance associate for Bullfrog Arts, supporting carers and other professionals to increase their understanding of the impact of early childhood trauma on attachment and emotional development for children in care.

Attendees of the training session were guided through a range of key factors impacting upon the life of a Looked After Child, including the impact of early childhood trauma, attachment theory and the secure base model, the impact of trauma upon brain development, and understanding the behaviour of some Looked After Children. We were able to discuss the emotional and physical benefits of using music with Looked After Children, and to look at how we can apply this in our work with children and young people in a range of challenging circumstances.  


After a delicious meal together at our host venue Peter Pizzeria, the Concept Music team were able to reflect on our work so far and then develop some great ideas to help the project progress and take the creative work forward.  One of the attendees said: 'I feel that the training will now give me a greater awareness and intuition about the needs of individual young people as well as equipping me to deal with the needs of someone who is a Looked After Child'.

Our Music Leaders said 'I didn't realise how powerful music and singing can be in helping Looked After Children learn new skills and develop skills they may already have, with this new knowledge I will have a greater understanding of how to support the children'.


 After completing the training session about Looked After Children the creative practitioners then had the chance to experience Taiko drumming and learn some new techniques for group music-making which they can then employ during their delivery on the Concept project.



Concept is an inclusive music project lead by Pedestrian, the programme is based around a week-long studio residency with an ethos of artists and young people as collaborators and co-producers of an original EP with a shared concept, character or theme.  During the young people have the oppotunity to complete an Arts Award Bronze level qualification.


Our thanks go to our funders Youth Music and The Wesleyan Foundation, as well as Juliet, Steve and all our Music Leaders for working together to share knowledge and expand our understanding of how we can support the young people we work with.

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