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Pay It Forward - Visit to Terminal One

As part of the Pay it Forward programme young people in the Charnwood area have been working with artists at Pedestrian to explore challenges within the community and create some exciting music and video productions.

To celebrate and share their achievements, young people from the Loughborough Youth Development Project volunteered to host a stall at Terminal One in Melton Mowbray. The stall provided information on creative and career opportunities available to young people in Leicestershire; visitors were also able to watch a video produced by the team which explored bullying.  The young people had worked together to create the script and visuals, as well as producing the film and music. One visitor to the stall described the video as 'powerful' and commented that 'it is great to hear about issues such as bullying from the young persons' perspective'.

Everyone worked hard throughout the day, though there was also some time to enjoy skating and show off some skills. We would like to congratulate the team on their achievements and we look forward to creating more great work and taking part in exciting events in the region later this year.

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