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Introducing Moneywise Plus



Pedestrian and Reaching People are currently looking for individuals and organisations to participate in the Moneywise Plus programme.


We are delighted to introduce Moneywise Plus, a project run by Reaching People.  Reaching People is a consortium of organisations delivering the Moneywise Plus project and includes ASRA Housing Group, The Bridge, The Y, Leicester City Council, Leicester County Council, Pedestrian and many more.  In total about 20 organisations are involved in delivering Moneywise Plus.


Moneywise Plus is a Leicester city and county wide project running for three years to support people who are not in work to enhance their digital and financial skills.  The project headline is “Don’t be left behind, get money wise and get online.”  Organisations delivering on the project will run training courses in digital skills, financial awareness and volunteering skills.


You are eligible for Moneywise Plus if:

You have the right to live and work in the UK

You are not currently employed

You are not on a zero-hours contract

You are over the age of 16


Those interested in participating in the project can register on the Moneywise Plus website, where they will be put in touch with the engagement team who can signpost them to services offered as part of the project.


Pedestrian will be delivering three courses for Moneywise Plus as part of the Volunteering Routeway.  They are the Volunteer Training Course, Peer Mentoring Course, and Participation Advisory Group.


Volunteer Training Course

This course will be delivered in one 3-hour long session each week for 6 weeks.  This course will run in our workshop on Rutland Street on Wednesdays from 10am – 1pm starting Wednesday 22nd February 2017.  Participants will need to attend all 6 dates.  There are 8-12 places on each course run and we will be running this course 8 times throughout the year.


During this course participants will be learning about developing the right mindset for volunteering: identifying the strengths, skills and experience they have to offer, and how these can be matched to the most suitable opportunities.  Participants will be enabled to find the right volunteering opportunities for them and provided with support, help with applications and advice to create an effective personal statement.  For individuals this course presents a great way to learn more about volunteering and be equipped to partake in meaningful volunteer opportunities.


If your organisation has current or upcoming volunteering opportunities we’d like to hear from you too!  Please share with us your person specifications, requirements and role descriptions; and we’ll see if any of our participants would be a suitable applicant.


Peer Mentoring Course

This course will be delivered in one 3-hour long session each week for 6 weeks, and is scheduled to start around June 2017.  There are 5 places on each course run and we will be running this course 3 times throughout the year.


During this course participants will develop the skills that people who are currently volunteering need to have to do mentoring, equipping them with the skills needed to be a mentor.  There will be opportunities to actively mentor through the Moneywise Plus project, providing one-to-one support to other Moneywise Plus participants and supporting people to find their own solutions to problems.


Participation Advisory Group

This course is delivered in conjunction with ASRA Housing and will address the whole Moneywise Plus programme.  This group will enable clients to provide feedback and give advice about their experience as participants on the programme.  Their recommendations will feed into the overall management of the project.  Group members are required to attend 4 meetings per year, and will be either nominated or self-selected.  The group will decide if they will attend in person or provide written reports.


If you are interested in participating in Moneywise Plus including the above courses please visit the Moneywise Plus website where you can refer yourself to the project.  The engagement team will then be in touch to signpost you to relevant courses being delivered in your area.

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