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Concept - October 2017 Residency

Concept is an inclusive music project funded by Youth Music and lead by Pedestrian. During the October half term we hosted a five-day intensive ‘Pop up Studio’ residency at The Core in Corby.  The focus of the residency was to compose original music based on a theme agreed by the young people. The young people also completed Arts Award at Bronze level through the week.

The young people chose the theme 'Nature vs. Manmade' to base their music making and song writing around. They used a range of techniques to express these ideas through music, production and lyric writing. The theme evolved to provide the album name ‘Skies and Skyscrapers’.

Through the week the young people worked with a team of artists and used a range of instruments, music technology and composition techniques  to develop their musical skills.  The final album features 12 original pieces of music. The young people also created two music videos and three pieces which they performed live.  We had a packed house for the performance, and were delighted that the Mayor of Corby attended and stayed to meet the young people after the sharing session. 

In summary we had a fantastic week at The Core - thank you to the artist team, the staff at The Core, and especially to the hard working and creative young musicians and producers!



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