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The City Classroom: The Art of Maths

We were delighted to take part in the first City Classroom summit ‘The Art of Maths’ hosted at The New Walk Museum on October 10th 2017.  The City Classroom Partnership works strategically to strengthen cultural education activities with the vision that every child and young person will thrive through a rich and adventurous cultural education.

Representing Pedestrian, Akshay Sharma and James Sykes worked with three groups of children to explore fun and creative ways of learning mathematical topics through music. The children were encouraged to roll a dice, triggering different aspects of the music. Through a progressive approach the children were able to notice how different options resulted in either a greater or lesser probability of particular musical aspects occurring - and it sounded great too! Many thanks to the City Classroom team for hosting a superb, inspiring and creative day for all involved; we look forward to being part of this exciting organisation over the coming year.

Our partner organisations at Soft Touch Arts and The Mighty Creatives had this to say:


Thanks for your kind words guys, see you at the next summit!

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