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Talent Match Team Success

Our delivery within the Talent Match Leicestershire programme sees a successful start to its third year.

'You're doing an excellent job. Why didn't we have you earlier?'

'The team have never been so organised.'

As part of Talent Match, delivering alongside B-Inspired, Highfields Centre and Seed Creativity, we are currently working with the Talent Match Team to create marketing and recruitment events. These events will assist NEET 18 – 24 year olds to gain access to the work ready programme and potential progression into work, self-employment or further education with the support of the Talent Match programme.

Our Talent Match Facilitator has been working with the team and those on the youth board since January. Their first responsibility was to set up an Executive Board of young people from the team, allowing everyone to identify themselves as a candidate for roles and apply for them. All members are responsible for key decision-making and ensuring deadlines are complete as part of their individual roles.

The team will be a regular presence in New Walk Job Centre every Wednesday to talk to any potential young people/clients identifiable in their re-branded clothing.

Talent Match’s main delivery programme has been rebranded with the name ‘Re:Boot’ and a fresh and vibrant look allowing young people to see their progression through the programme and with each provider.

Talent Match will be hosting its first promotional event in partnership with Prince’s Trust’s 40th Anniversary Celebration on the 19th of April at Jubilee Square, Leicester City Centre.

Text “TM tell me more” to 07436 581313 or email:

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