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Future Pathways Programme :: Photography & Design

VESA are a not-for-profit education support agency managing and co-ordinating a wide range of activities that aim to support 13-19year olds. The focus is on vocational education, and learning work-related skills at all ability levels.

We are working alongside VESA, as well as other vocational organisations, to deliver these sessions across the East Midlands. The sessions are part of a programme called The Future Pathways Programme, which are KS4 courses within Leicester City Centre.

Our project is an eight week taster Photography and Design programme for Year 10 students, running from September through to May. It aims to introduce them to the basics of professional photography practice by teaching them skills with DSLR cameras, how to operate studio equipment and Photoshop techniques.


Feedback from Students at the end of the first session;

'I enjoyed going out to other places and taking picures'

'I learnt that pictures look better if you take them at a slight angle rather than dead centre'

'On the first day we were told what we would be learning over the next coming weeks. Im looking forward to learning how to use a camera properly.'

'I enjoyed taking different types of pictures.'


The images included are from some of the students who attended the first session. 












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