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Kirk Lodge Creative Activities


Delivery Dates: Every Monday 1pm - 3pm throughout the year

Commissioner: Kirk Lodge

Target Cohort: Residents at Kirk Lodge who are on bail or probation

Partners: Kirk Lodge

Project's Key Objective: Engaging residents in positive, creative activity and helping them to develop practical and social skills to aid in their personal development.

Summary: Photography, music and arts/crafts enrichment sessions.

There are articles to read about this project: you can read more about arts and photography sessions, you can also see photos of work made during delivery.


Youth Music Concept


Delivery Dates: 2017 and 2018 throughout the year

Commissioner: National Foundation for Youth Music

Target Cohort: Young People in challenging circumstances aged 14 to 18 years old

Partners: The Core at Corby Cube

Project's Key Objective: Through taking part in creative activity, creating and recording an original album of music based on a theme or concept, 96 young people will be supported through Bronze Arts Award. 120 Young People in total will have the opportunity to take Bronze Arts Award.  Four Assistant Music leaders will gain Silver Arts Award - These roles will support delivery, provide peer-mentor opportunities and develop the local music workforce.

Summary: Concept is based around a week-long studio residency with an ethos of artists and young people as collaborators and co-producers of an original EP with a shared concept, character or theme. Young people will write original lyrics, make original music and record their own tracks. Young people can continue their artistic development over the following weeks as a bridge to regular participation. The project will be hosted at 3 venues in Northamptonshire and 3 venues in Leicestershire during 2017 and 2018.

Please email for more information about this project.  You can read articles on the Youth Music Network blog about this project, read about: the first Concept residency, urban influences on the work produced during the second Concept residency, and strategies and approaches to delivering Bronze Arts Award in a week.  You can also enjoy music and videos produced by the young people participating in this project on our Soundcloud and Vimeo accounts.