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Delivery dates: 2017 - 2021

Commissioner: National Foundation for Youth Music

Target cohort: Young people in challenging circumstances aged 14 to 18 years

Partners: The Core at Corby Cube

Key objective: Through taking part in creative activity, creating and recording an original album of music based on a theme or concept, 96 young people will be supported through Bronze Arts Award. 120 young people in total will have the opportunity to take Bronze Arts Award. 4 Assistant Music leaders will gain Silver Arts Award - These roles will support delivery, provide peer-mentoring opportunities and develop the local music workforce.

Summary: Concept is based around a week-long studio residency with an ethos of artists and young people as collaborators and co-producers of an original EP with a shared concept, character or theme. Young people write original lyrics, make original music and record their own tracks. They then continue their artistic development over the following weeks as a bridge to regular participation. The project will be hosted at venues in Northamptonshire and  Leicestershire.

Please email for more information about this project.  You can read articles on the Youth Music Network blog about this project, read about: the first Concept residency, urban influences on the work produced during the second Concept residency, and strategies and approaches to delivering Bronze Arts Award in a week.  You can also enjoy music and videos produced by the young people participating in this project on our Soundcloud and Vimeo accounts.


Perfect Score


Delivery dates: April 2018 to April 2020

Commissioner: National Foundation for Youth Music

Target cohort: Young people aged 13 to 18 years (some flexibility possible)

Partners: Leicester Music Education Hub (LEMEH) and Curve Theatre

Key objective: We will enable young people in Leicester to overcome barriers to high quality music-making activity, developing the knowledge and experience to pursue careers in music. We will also develop emerging music leaders to lead participatory music activity both during the life of the project, and as a direct project legacy.

Summary: Perfect Score utilises the combined 100 years experience of LEMEH, Curve Theatre and Pedestrian to raise awareness of careers in music, develop talent in a range of styles and genres, and to promote progression into varied music careers including participatory delivery.  The project is designed to support greater progression into careers in music for those experiencing barriers and from disadvantaged backgrounds. As such, development of key employability skills forms the backbone of all delivery across two core strands: Press Start and Level Up.  Press Start delivers targeted inclusive drop-in music making sessions for young people experiencing disadvantage.  Level Up provides continuing professional development for Trainee Music Leaders looking to work in participatory music alongside development of current workforce and schools' music leads.

Please email for more information about this project.  You can get updates and read more about this project on our dedicated blog.


Saturday Sessions


Delivery dates: Saturdays 1st June - 14th October 2019

Commissioner: National Lottery Awards For All

Target cohort: Young people aged 8 to 16 years

Key objective: This project builds participant resilience using proven techniques for early intervention within the delivery model to support young people at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviours. Activity will take place on Saturdays over 16 weeks, comprising sessions in photography and video, arts and crafts, music technology, and spoken word and drama. The project can support up to thirty young people.

Summary: Saturday afternoon sessions delivering creative activity.

Please email for more information about this project. If you would like to secure a place, please complete the booking form here.


Summer School


Delivery dates: July - August 2020

Commissioner: BBC Children in Need

Target cohort: Young people aged 8 to 14 years

Key objective: Young people will participate in free activitiees, learning skills in different specialisms. A Young Creative Apprentice will be recruited, who will assist the Project Manager with running the project, as well as supporting Trainee Practitioners and Lead Tutors during workshops. Trainee Practitioners will be recruited, who will receive formal training developed from Pedestrian's 20+ years of experience. They will work alongside the Young Creative Appentice and support Lead Tutors during workshops. Lead Tutors will lead the holiday provision for young people, coach Trainee Practitioners and act as role models for the Young Creative Apprentice.

Summary: Summer School encompasses three distinct phases repeating annually: training, participatory activity and reflection. Training consists of a five day programme for Trainee Practitioners interested in art and/or youth work. Six Trainee Practitioners will be recruited via an open process, and trained in youth participatory arts best practice: including safeguarding, child protection, planning, delivery and reflection. Participatory activity involves delivering three weeks of holiday-time activity, with young people working towards the Arts Award Bronze qualification. Week one will focus on music, week two photography and media and week three visual arts. Activities will be rich in creative thinking and cutting-edge approaches, rather than duplicating statutory learning. A supervised lunch break will be provided each day. Finally, there will be a session of reflection for the Young Creative Apprentice, Trainee Practitioners and Lead Tutors facilitated by the Project Manager, capturing learning for an annual evaluation report.

Please email for more information about this project. If you would like to secure a place, please complete the booking form here.