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Mentoring is proven to be amongst the most effective methods for not only engaging hard to reach young people and adults, but also in providing tangible benefits to those engaged.

Unlike tutoring, mentoring is not task orientated e.g. looking to achieve a qualification or to develop specific skills, but is rather an overall approach to a person’s development. As such, the mentee is guided through a process of goal setting, problem solving, and confidence building which puts them in control of achieving their targets.


Mentoring in our work

Pedestrian use mentoring tools in a wide variety of settings, from training potential new tutors, to supporting vulnerably housed young people looking to stabilise their lifestyle. We actively support our staff with training opportunities from accredited schemes to more practically based applications, such as a programme delivered to our team by Peter Mosley in early 2015.

These skills and tools are not only valuable in mentoring schemes, such as our highly successful Talent Match delivery, but are also applicable in the delivery of our alternative education programmes and wider ranging projects.