Project Name: Produce and Progress


Delivery Dates: 3 blocks of creative workshops delivered over 12 weeks between September 2016 – March 2017

Commissioner: Children In Need

Target Cohort: 10-18 year old disadvantaged children and young people

Partners: The Acre Young People’s Centre Kirkby, The YMCA Leicester, T.B.C.

Project's Key Objective: To aid individual’s own progression whilst helping others and making positive contributions to their community.

Summary: Produce and Progress is an East Midlands based programme aiming to co-produce creative activity with young people to address problems specific to their geographic area.  The project spans 3 years, with 3 communities targeted each year.  The project aims to improve the communication, self-confidence and team working skills of the participants.  Each workshop series lasts 12 weeks for approximately 2 hours per week.


Project Name: Kirk Lodge Creative Activities


Delivery Dates: Every Monday 1pm - 3pm

Commissioner: Kirk Lodge

Target Cohort: Male residents at Kirk Lodge Probation Hostel

Partners: Kirk Lodge

Project's Key Objective: Engaging residents in positive, creative activity and helping them to develop practical and social skills to aid in their personal development.

Summary: Photography, music and arts/crafts enrichment sessions.