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Invest and Inspire


Delivery Dates: May, July and August 2017

Commissioner: Shire Community Grants - Leicestershire County Council

Target Cohort: Volunteering placements: 18+, sessional activity: 8-15 year olds

Partners: Fearon Hall, Loughborough

Project's Key Objective: Investing in the community of Loughborough East to take charge of of issues directly affecting the most vulnerable members of their community by providing training and support for adults looking to volunteer their time.  Inspiring the next generation of young people through positive diversionary activity, which seeks to prevent the liklihood of young people engaging in risky behaviours leading to criminalisation.

Summary: Invest - trains up to 15 adults to be 'volunteer ready', covering legislation relevant to volunteering as well as supporting personal goal setting and leadership skills development.  Potential volunteers are recruited via Fearon Hall and other partners, before attending a day of basic induction and training.  Volunteer placements support Inspire residencies, as well as having the opportunity to facilitate drop-in weekend activity at Fearon Hall during the life of the project.  Inspire - produces 3 week-long residencies aimed at engaging and inspiring young people in the Loughborough East area during school holidays.  Target beneficiaries are vulnerable and disadvantaged young people living in areas of multiple deprivation, identified through close working with partners including schools and local police teams.  Each week will embed creative activity delivered by professional artists, supporting partners with regular connection with disadvantaged young people but limited facilities and no specialist skills to deliver activity.  Sessional activity will support young people to design creative participatory workshops based on needs or gaps in their community.

Please email for further information about this project, you can also read articles about this project: an introduction to Invest and Inspire, and details about delivery in Loughborough.


Kirk Lodge Creative Activities


Delivery Dates: Every Monday 1pm - 3pm throughout the year

Commissioner: Kirk Lodge

Target Cohort: Male residents at Kirk Lodge Probation Hostel

Partners: Kirk Lodge

Project's Key Objective: Engaging residents in positive creative activity and helping them to develop practical and social skills to aid in their personal development.

Summary: Photography, music and arts/crafts enrichment sessions.

There are articles to read about this project: you can read more about arts and photography sessions, you can also see photos of work made during delivery.


Produce and Progress


Delivery Dates: 3 blocks of creative workshops delivered over 12 weeks between September 2016 – July 2018

Commissioner: Children In Need

Target Cohort: 10-18 year old disadvantaged children and young people

Partners: The Acre Young People’s Centre Kirkby, The Y Leicester, more venues to be confirmed

Project's Key Objective: To aid individuals' own progression whilst helping others and making positive contributions to their community.

Summary: Produce and Progress is an East Midlands based programme aiming to co-produce creative activity with young people to address problems specific to their geographic area.  The project spans 3 years, with 3 communities targeted each year.  The project aims to improve the communication, self-confidence and team working skills of the participants.  Each workshop series lasts 12 weeks for approximately 2 hours per week.

Please email for further information about this project.


One Vision


Delivery Dates: July, August and September 2017

Commissioner: St. Matthews Big Local Grants

Target Cohort: St. Matthews local residents

Partners: St. Matthews Big Local

Project's Key Objective: We will celebrate diversity, talent and creativity through taking photographic portraits of 'local champions’, local known places and hidden gems. The project will allow small groups of people to work together to create images, learn how to use cameras, select images to be exhibited, and learn how to create content for a local blog that can be kept updated and used as a legacy for the project.  To increase community cohesion on the estate the photography sessions will be centred around discovering and talking to ‘local champions’ - those people in the community that are working to make the area better, helping others to become positive role models and who may be role models themselves.

Summary: Community photography enrichment sessions

Please email for more information about this project.