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Creative Art & Photography

Creative Art and Photography offers accredited delivery covering a range of art forms: from traditional art mediums and textiles to digital and urban art. The flexibility of the course, coupled with tutors who themselves operate as freelance artists, allow learners to explore a variety of engaging creative practices. The course is very 'hands on' - for those learners who find themselves disengaged, CAP provides an interesting way to explore further learning and career paths. Our current tutors have extensive artistic backgrounds and also excel as specialists in photography and graphic design.


Delivery dates: August 2019 – July 2020

Commissioner: Leicester Partnership School (LPS), Leicester city and county schools

Target cohort: KS4 young people (14-16 year olds)

Partners: Leicester Partnership School (LPS), Leicester city and county schools

Key objective: Accredited alternative education provision for KS4


Our Creative Art and Photography course has been designed for KS4 students who are disengaged at school, at risk of exclusion or are excluded across Leicester city and county schools. This course incorporates both media and art approaches with flexible unions that can include many mediums; currently the focus is urban art and digital art.

Please email to book a young person onto this course or for more information.