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Business Box


Business Box draws on the experience of our team of freelance tutors who operate their own small businesses. Their insight into business operation is a great boost to learner engagement as our tutors 'practice what they preach'. It’s this direct experience that improves learner career awareness and aspirations. Business Box is about self-development, raising employability, and entrepreneurship. It’s a hugely popular course, as more students who are at risk of exclusion or permanently excluded still understand the need to acquire essential skills to succeed in their chosen career path.


Delivery dates: August 2019 – July 2020

Commissioner: Leicester Partnership School (LPS), Leicester city and county schools

Target cohort: KS4 young people (14-16 year olds)

Partners: Leicester Partnership School (LPS), Leicester city and county schools

Key objective: Accredited alternative education provision for KS4


This alternative education course focuses on equipping students with entrepreneurial insight whilst building their career aspirations. Business Box has been designed for KS4 students who are disengaged at school, at risk of exclusion or are excluded across Leicester/shire schools. Tutors share their business expertise in our fit-for-purpose learning workshop in Leicester city centre. Students will experience innovative learning experiences to further understanding, awareness and knowledge in a multitude of career industries.

Please email to book a young person onto this course or for more information.