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Alternative Education Provision

Our Alternative Education Provision is a core part of our delivery. Courses are accredited learning opportunities for students in Key Stage 4 (usually 14-16 years old) who are excluded or at risk of exclusion from mainstream schools in Leicester city and county. Students are commonly described as being disaffected as they can demonstrate challenging behaviour, low attendance, low motivation and can have poor achievement records to date. Some students have learning statements and some have not faced Educational Psychologist tests but may have special educational needs. We develop their confidence, vocational specialisms and skills, accredited progression, reliance and potential.



A unique accredited alternative education programme delivered by tutors with extensive experience in music performance, creation, recording and production using industry standard equipment. We help learners get to grips with digital recording technology and software. Soundlab’s creative and practical nature has been a recipe for success in learner engagement by preparing learners for a career in the music industry or developing learner’s extra curricular interests. 


Business Box

Business Box draws on the experience of our bank of freelance tutors who operate their own small businesses. Their insight into business operation is a great boost to learner engagement as our tutors “practice what they preach”. It’s this direct experience that improves learner career awareness and aspirations. Business Box is about self-development, raising employability, and entrepreneurship. It’s a hugely popular course, as more students who are at risk of exclusion or permanently excluded still understand the need to acquire essential skills to succeed in their chosen career path. 



Creative Art and Photography offers accredited delivery covering a range of art forms: from traditional art mediums and textiles to digital and urban art. The flexibility of the course, coupled with tutors who themselves operate as freelance artists, allows learners to explore a variety of engaging creative practices. The course is very “hands on” - for those learners who find themselves disengaged, CAP provides an engaging way to explore further learning and career paths. Our current tutors have extensive artistic backgrounds but also excel as specialists in photography and graphic design. 


SDSA Year 11

Our Interactive Media course takes an in-depth look at web programming, digital image editing software and photography. The teaching builds on essential IT skills, all from a creative perspective. This accredited course is a popular choice with learners who seek additional enrichment activities from specialist tutors along with a regular timetable in mainstream education. This course is specifically designed for year 11 students. 


SDSA Year 10

These taster sessions are designed for year 10 students to gain an insight into the opportunities available to them during year 11. Students partake in an 8-week block of sessions where they sample activities they will explore further throughout the VESA Pathways programme.